Peggy Scannell, PT

Peggy Scannell graduated from University of Missouri in Columbia with a BS in Physical Therapy. For more than 12 years, Peggy has specialized in post breast surgery rehabilitation, working with women and men following mastectomies and lumpectomies, during and after reconstruction and radiation therapy for treatment of breast cancer. Her expertise has extended to the treatment of head/neck and abdominal cancers following surgery and/or radiation as well.

In search of enhancing her manual therapy skills, Peggy began training in John Barnes Myofascial Release technique (MFR) in 2009 and to date, has completed more than 100 hours of training. Incorporating MFR into her treatment of breast cancer patients has led to the successful return to a full and active lifestyle for many women following their cancer diagnosis. Joining Roper Physical Therapy in 2014 has allowed Peggy to offer the highest quality of care in an environment dedicated to individualized, whole-body (mind, body, and spirit), patient-centered care.

Peggy is passionate about the importance of educating women, men and the medical team working with these patients about the benefits of Physical Therapy and that “life does not have to be spent living with pain and limitation” following these surgeries. Speaking to groups at the Buddy Kemp Caring House and the Carolina Breast Friends Pink House, as well as meeting with physicians and “Reach to Recovery” volunteers with the American Cancer Society, she has had the opportunity to educate many about the benefits of PT and MFR in relieving the pain and limitations often encountered following surgery and radiation therapy for treatment of many types of cancer.
“What I enjoy most about my career is knowing patients leave our office with a sense of hope and relief as they realize a life without pain and discomfort.”

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“I was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer at the age of 47 in May of 2010. In November, after chemotherapy and bilateral mastectomies without reconstruction, I thought that I was doing pretty well in terms of my ability to move my arms and upper body.   My surgeon had told me that the removal of 24 lymph nodes on my left side would probably require me to do a few daily exercises on my own which I did. However, when I complained to the surgeon’s nurse that I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest, she assured me that this was a frequent post-surgical complaint…..I figured that this was simply something with which I was going to have to live.

My surgeon and oncologist insisted that I begin radiation as soon as possible and not more than a few weeks after my surgery.   I knew that I had no time to waste, so I literally panicked when I was not able to put my arms over my head in the necessary position for the radiation machine. When I realized how incapacitated I was and how little time I had to begin treatments, I burst into tears. The technicians immediately called for the radiation oncologist and I will never forget what she said to me. “Allison, there is woman here in town who has the most amazing hands. She will move heaven and earth to see you and I promise, within a week, you will be able to move your arms into the right position.” Of course, I did not believe her! But, seven days later, I placed both of my arms over my head and the technicians pushed the buttons to begin the long road of radiation.

Peggy Scannell is the woman with the amazing hands and the technique that she uses, myofascial release, is nothing short of miraculous. The technique requires knowledge, training and expertise and Peggy is the whole package. Not only is she super skilled at what she does, but she is also one of the most compassionate and sensitive women you will ever meet. Peggy understands the state in which her patients come to her – she “gets” the breast cancer world and, as a result, she provides the most effective therapy available anywhere by anyone.

When I came to Peggy, I was an absolute wreck – emotionally and physically. When I left, I was so encouraged about my future recovery, I had almost my full range of motion back, and best of all, the elephant on my chest was gone. I tell every woman I meet who is getting ready to undergo treatment for breast cancer, There is a woman here in town that has the most amazing hands. She will move heaven and earth to see you.”


“After my bilateral mastectomy, and during my reconstruction process, going to Peggy was vital for my recovery. She helped restore and maintain my range of motion. Her use of myofascial release as part of my treatment plan, provided relief of the tightness I had across my chest, neck and under my arms. I cannot imagine going through breast cancer without Peggy by my side. Not only is she important for the physical effects of breast cancer, she is just as important for the emotional ones. She has magic hands and a true calling to help breast cancer patients. I could not have done this without her!”


 “Peggy has been a source of help and hope for me following two surgeries for tonsil cancer, as well as before, during and after radiation therapy. Peggy implemented a treatment plan that included exercises and myofascial release which improved the strength and mobility of my arm, neck and jaw muscles. I am forever grateful to Peggy, such a kind and caring health care professional, for providing such excellent care during this journey.”


“I am writing this message to express my excitement over the results I received from myofascial release and physical therapy. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2010 and receiving treatment in the forms of chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy, radiation, reconstruction and hormone therapy, I was left with several residual side effects. Most pressing were the sharp pains I felt in the trunk/ side of my body. Initially my pains occurred almost daily and happened several times each day. During the occurrences, the pain was sometimes so sharp that it halted whatever activity I engaged in until it subsided.

This pain, along with other side effects such as tightness, that I experienced every morning upon waking were challenges I thought I would have to endure the rest of my life, that is until I met Peggy Scannell. Peggy visited the Pink House to discuss the benefits of the myofascial release treatment approach with the ladies and even performed a demonstration on a patient. I must admit that I was initially skeptical because I did not believe someone could feel relief from such a minor interaction. Though I was curious about the treatment it wasn’t until one of my friends and fellow survivors began to rave about the benefits she received from seeing Peggy that I decided to give it a try.

I’m so happy that I took this leap of faith because my body feels completely different now! I no longer experience the same frequency of chest pains – in fact it has decreased by 90% and only occurs when I engage in a strenuous activity. Also I no longer wake up with the tightness in my chest. With this relief in mind I decided to mention some other areas of concern and Peggy has brought significant relief to my abdomen, neck, shoulders, and even hip.

If there were a commercial for this treatment, I’d be the first to endorse it because Peggy has helped me to achieve a quality of life that I thought was gone forever. I now am more confident when I workout and can perform most physical activity as well as pre-diagnosis. Again, I never thought that would be possible. Thanks Peggy for making my life more complete.”


“Roper Physical Therapy is a great practice. My wife Diane was referred to them while she was undergoing surgeries for mastectomy and reconstruction. She found immediate relief after just one session with Peggy Scannell and myofascial release techniques. Her sessions with Roper were incomparable to other therapies she had explored. We are grateful for everyone at Roper PT and their compassionate care and individualized approach to wellness.”

-Ross D.

Peggy is wonderful and worked patiently with me to restore mobility, range and reduce pain that developed post mastectomy and radiation. Myofascial release really worked for me!