As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Roper Physical Therapy wanted to highlight a study that examined the benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients. Yoga is known for helping people of all ages with increasing flexibility, stability, and strength. Additionally, a regular yoga routine can enhance mental focus, deepen […]

Breast Cancer and Yoga, Benefits During Radiotherapy

by Lynne Ray (PT, PYT, CSCS) Yoga is an excellent supplement to the schedule of an endurance athlete, and one that is often overlooked. Yoga increases flexibility, builds stability and strength, all well known facts. Additionally, a regular yoga routine can also enhance mental focus, deepen breathing patterns, prevent injury, […]

Sports Yoga and Endurance Athletes

legs up the wall
            Source: ​5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up a Wall Every Day | Runner’s World 1. FOR SOMETHING SO SIMPLE, THE BENEFITS ARE ENORMOUS. The official name for legs-up-a-wall is viparita karani, which literally means “inverted in action” in Sanskrit. The pose helps […]

​5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up a ...

healthy and healing chaturanga
Healthy and Healing Chaturanga by Lynne Ray, PT, CSCS, PYT (featured in The Western culture urges us to push harder, move faster and do more. And if we do so, we will be successful. This may be true in life but not without a cost. This mentality can lead […]

Healthy and Healing Chaturanga

tin man do you feel stuck
Do You Feel Stuck? By Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT Chronic pain can be so debilitating – but, does it have to be? For over 20 years as a Physical Therapist and Myofascial Release Practitioner, I have been treating patients with chronic pain who have suffered far too long because of […]

Do you Feel Stuck?

Source: What is Myofascial Release? – Myofascial Release – John F. Barnes, PT Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. This essential “time element” has to do with the […]

What is Myofascial Release?

We found this informative article exploring the benefits of yoga for arthritis featured on the Arthritis Foundation website. In the article, Sharon Kolasinski, MD,  professor of clinical medicine and a rheumatologist at the University of Pennsylvania states:  “You need to be taught by an instructor who understands your limitations.” Postures […]

Yoga Benefits for Arthritis

Medical Therapeutic Yoga for Achilles Tendon Rupture: The Missing Link, Rehabilitation, Yoga, Physical Therapy Written by Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT, CPI As a Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist for over 16 years, I am aware of the benefits and use of yoga therapy and some of the limitations of our current […]

Medical Therapeutic Yoga for Achilles Tendon Rupture

Dental Trauma and Myofacial Release
  Written by Laura Probert, MPT John F. Barnes Myofascial Release is a hands-on healing technique that can help you heal from past or recent dental trauma. The powerful combination of pressure and stretch to the three dimensional, head to toe connective tissue system in your body called fascia, coming from […]

Dental Trauma and Myofascial Release

holistic physical therapy
Holistic Physical Therapy versus Insurance-Based Physical Therapy Laura Probert does a great job explaining the differences between insurance-driven practices and alternative/holistic cash-based practices 5 Things You Should Know About Holistic Physical Therapy If you’ve had physical therapy for an injury, pain, or post-surgical rehab, it may surprise you to know not […]

Holistic Physical Therapy

foam roll workshops
By STACEY PENNEY, MS, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, NASM.ORG Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching technique that has been embraced throughout the fitness industry. This effective and simple to do technique delivers positive, feel good results. Foam rollers have become easily accessible, either shared at the gym or found […]

FOAM ROLLING- Applying the technique of self-myofascial release

  Source: Are You Ready To Go Minimal? By now you’ve heard that the running shoes you’ve worn the past 20 years are bad: They’ve become crutches that have weakened your feet, altered your stride, provoked injury and made you slower. The most zealous advocates of minimalism suggest you dump […]

Foot Strength for Runners

meniscus surgery
About 400,000 middle-aged and older Americans a year have meniscus surgery. One problem: There’s no evidence that it’s worth it. Source: Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular , NY Times, August 3, 2016 Before a drug can be marketed, it has to go through rigorous testing to show it is […]

Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular

mastectomy and myofascial release
Myofascial Release and Mastectomy, Breast Reduction and Augmentation Written by John F. Barnes, P.T., L.M.T., N.C.T.M.B Myofascial release can be helpful post-surgery following mastectomies, breast reduction and augmentation. Once healing has occurred after a mastectomy, myofascial release techniques performed below and above the scar area can be helpful in eliminating […]

Myofascial Release Post-Surgery

Source: An Emotion We All Need More of ByElizabeth Bernstein  Updated March 21, 2016 4:45 p.m. ET Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Or does it? Research shows it’s a crucial element of our physical and mental well-being. People who have a higher level of hope have healthier habits: […]

An Emotion We All Need More of