Postural Restoration

Have you ever considered how you sit at work affects how you breathe?  Or how you breathe affects your ability to calm down your nervous system or turn off tense muscles? When we breathe in, our diaphragm (the dome shaped muscle under the ribcage) flattens and our ribcage expands to […]

Office Ergonomics: A Fresh Perspective looking at Respiration

An integrated physical therapy approach called Postural Restoration (PR) is an alignment-based approach geared at reducing asymmetry in our movement and breathing patterns. When coupled with myofascial release, PR is effective for “tech neck” or neck tension, scoliosis, osteoporosis, joint degeneration, chronic inflammation, migraines, and pain. PR addresses a common […]

PR and Self-Myofascial Release: How to Relieve and Correct Tech ...