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We just added a Pinterest page!

Pinterest is known as a place to find recipes, clothing, house decorating ideas, and getting lost for several hours while at your computer. (No? Just me?) But, Pinterest is also a great way to organize all of our Roper Physical Therapy information, videos, and articles that our staff thinks would benefit our patients! Additionally, as we continue to add pins, Roper Physical Therapy plans to add some of our most common worksheets that demonstrate correct form and use for therapy, yoga, and exercises as well as photos and videos for your wellness journey. Did you ever forget where you placed an exercise handout from Christine a couple days after an appointment? (Just me again?) Now, we can add it to our Pinterest page, so it will be easily accessible for you. And, if you don’t see one of our materials on the Pinterest page, let us know!

This will be an ongoing project of adding materials from our files, photos, website, blog, you-tube channel, and other social media platforms into one, easily accessible place. Our page already boasts over 130 pins and we are looking to add more. Of the 14 boards we have so far, Roper Physical Therapy covers a range of topics from yoga to physical therapy to nutrition to wellness. We also have boards dedicated to Ginger Garner (medical therapeutic yoga) and John Barnes (myofascial release). Subjects that have been addressed in our newsletters and social media postings, such as the anti-inflammation diet as well as meditation, can be found in specific and easy to find boards.

Follow us on Pinterest to stay connected to our whole-body approach (mind, body, and spirit) to the treatment of pain and dysfunction. And, remember with awareness, there is choice!