Helping Our Neighbors in Need at the Pink House

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Carolina Breast Friends was the vision of Kristy Adams-Ebel, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. She established the nonprofit in 2003 as a way to unite women in all stages of breast cancer survival together. Adams-Ebel lost her battle with breast cancer in 2006, but Carolina Breast Friends continues their mission to serve breast cancer survivors today. The nonprofit strives to reach and empower the breast cancer community, providing education, encouragement, and friendship during all stages of each woman’s journey.


Carolina Breast Friends purchased the “Pink House,” formerly the Dunaway House, at 1607 E Morehead Street, Charlotte to house the nonprofit. The Pink House serves as a second home for these women to meet, share their stories, and gain inspiration from one another. Carolina Breast Friends also offers a variety of programming and aid for survivors, including free wigs and breast prosthesis, yoga classes, and wellness meetings.

Through Carolina Breast Friends, Roper PT physical therapists, Peggy Scannell, PT and Ashley Friend, DPT, have volunteered their time and talents to provide myofascial release to women experiencing pain or discomfort following surgeries at the Pink House. These visits aid in educating women that they don’t have to live with pain following treatment for breast cancer.

In explaining why she started volunteering her time to the Pink House, Peggy Scannell noted, “There is a very obvious need for physical therapy to allow all women to return to a fully functional, active lifestyle following breast cancer treatment.  It has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to provide care to an incredible group of strong, determined women over the last decade+. Their successes and high level of function achieved are definitely enhanced by the addition of myofascial release to their treatment program.”

The staff at Roper Physical Therapy believes in giving back and investing in our community through our time, talents, and passion. Everyone deserves to be well and we feel a responsibility to help when and where we can! Carolina Breast Friends and the Pink House offers so much to the breast cancer community of Charlotte through programs, education, and emotional support. Roper Physical Therapy is proud to offer myofascial release, physical therapy, and wellness education to this population of women in hopes of improving the lives of our neighbors in need here in Charlotte.


Carolina Breast Friends and the Pink House are committed to serving the breast cancer community in a positive environment. The organization has a variety of events, programs, and resources ready to help those in need. To learn more about the Pink House, how you can help or how they can help you, click here

If you would like to volunteer with Carolina Breast Friends and the Pink House, click here