Lynne Ray, PT, PYT

Lynne Ray, PT, PYT
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Lynne Ray graduated from Appalachian State with a B.S. in Exercise Science, soon followed by post-graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill earning her second B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1994. Lynne worked in Orthopedic/Trauma inpatient care and Orthopedic outpatient care at Carolinas Medical Center from 1994-2000. She has completed several courses in myofascial release through John Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB since 2010 and is an Advanced Level JFB-MFR Therapist. Lynne is also a graduate of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute for healthcare professionals studying under Ginger Garner DPT, ATC, PYT. Lynne currently has over 1500 hours of training in medical therapeutic yoga.

Her daily yoga practice combined with her love of an active lifestyle and a holistic view of health influenced her decision to join forces with her friend and colleague opening Professional Yoga Therapy Approach (PYTA), the area’s first medical based, bio-mechanically sound yoga practice taught by licensed physical therapists. Lynne utilizes her physical therapy and myofascial release background combined with her knowledge of medical based yoga when helping patients through the rehabilitation process. Her many years of experience has enabled her to treat a varied population, from young to aged, sedentary to athletic.

Lynne has been a guest speaker covering topics surrounding medical based yoga and myofascial release for the physical therapy department at Wingate University located in Charlotte, NC. She has also enjoyed being an educator and facilitator of medical based yoga to several mid-sized companies within the Charlotte area.

Lynne has three children and is very active with the running and triathlon community. She has completed 2 Ironman distance triathlons and is a member of the local Triple Threat Racing Team.

Be sure to contact Lynne if you have any questions at [email protected]!


“Lynne Ray is amazing. For 3 years my daughter( a 16 yo) battled a back injury from competitive soccer. She had been to every doctor under the sun over the past 3 years- trying to figure out and stop the source of her pain- no one could solve the mystery. Then we were referred to Lynne to try Myofascial release and PT Yoga- I am happy to say that my daughter is pain free in her back. It’s amazing to see the smile on her face again knowing she can enjoy the sport she loves so much and not have pain. So very grateful to Lynne and Roper Physical Therapy.” -Julie C.

“I came to see Lynne Ray with a knee injury, post surgery. I was referred to the medical therapeutic yoga program at Roper PT by another physical therapist I was working with who felt yoga could help to increase my flexibility.  Two years later I am a flexible, strong, self aware, appreciative yogi with a growing understanding of my world and my place in it. Medical Therapeutic Yoga at Roper PT has been a game changer for me! It isn’t a room packed full of yoga mats, quickly flowing through poses. This is intentional instruction by extraordinary Physical Therapists with emphasis on proper body mechanics.  It’s available to all of us regardless of age, experienced/no experience, athletic or injured. This team is unique and gifted and educates on the principle of incorporating the physical,emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. Their approach to yoga will empower you to be the best version of yourself. You can not share your time with this group of ladies and not be a changed person whether in your practice, your thoughts, your breathing, your mindfulness. What they’re doing is really special.”- Shonda R.

“As an active individual who derives peace of mind from physical effort, maintaining my health and ability to participate is critically important to me.  As I am advancing in age, but not in mindset, physical “resets” and addressing the occasional injuries associated with my lifestyle has become a part of my routine.  No longer can I rely on stubbornness and Advil.  When introduced to the concept of myofacial release and a program of self-care and physical therapy provided by the skilled team at Roper, my performance, recovery and physical/mental balance is restored, rejuvenated and truly “reset”.  They take the time to understand me, my motivations, my goals, my desires and my limitations.  The MFR has been a key component to my well-being and has contributed to my overcoming multiple activity related injuries – including shoulder and knee pain, running related ailments, neck tension and more.  I refer friends regularly.  All of my family members are clients, and we have all had the same experience.  Exceptional, skilled CARE that appreciates the person before the problem.”- Martin A. G.

“In May 2017 I had two surgeries to remove cancer in my left breast – first, a lumpectomy and a second, to remove additional margins. Unfortunately, after surgery, cancer was discovered in my lymph nodes and I was scheduled for chemo, radiation and tamoxifen. Six months after surgery, I was referred to Roper Physical Therapy by my surgeon and nurse navigator due to cording, pain, and tightness in my arm and chest. The therapists at Roper PT did a wonderful job using myofascial release to improve my range of motion and eliminate pain. What I didn’t know at that time, as I finished up chemo and started radiation and then tamoxifen, was how much muscle tightness and soreness each of these treatments would cause, not only in my breast but throughout my whole body. I was lucky to have the therapists at Roper PT continue to work with my whole body to improve my range of motion, eliminate pain, and allow me to function normally again. In addition, they offer other programs, like yoga and self myofascial release classes, so I can maintain my flexibility and continue to exercise.”- Camille W.