PR and Self-Myofascial Release: How to Relieve and Correct Tech Neck and Spinal Decompression

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An integrated physical therapy approach called Postural Restoration (PR) is an alignment-based approach geared at reducing asymmetry in our movement and breathing patterns. When coupled with myofascial release, PR is effective for “tech neck” or neck tension, scoliosis, osteoporosis, joint degeneration, chronic inflammation, migraines, and pain.

PR addresses a common pattern that exists among all humans, the tendency that creates a shift in our center of gravity to the right. This occurs regardless of whether we are right or left-handed, but it is encouraged by right hand dominance. Our organ structure is heavily dominated on the right by our 3-4 lb liver and our diaphragm on the right is larger, creating a dominant pull on the right side of our spine. The world we live in is set up to encourage right hand reaching (turning the key in the ignition, opening a door), which reinforces this underlying asymmetry. This asymmetry wouldn’t create a problem if we moved through life with balanced alternating movement, but when we sit at a computer for a prolonged period and/or experience any “fight or flight” stress reactions, our posture and breathing mechanics are affected and our body is pulled into greater asymmetrical alignment.  Without balance, muscle tension, joint compression, pain, and inflammation can result. 

Postural Restoration breathing and alignment exercises when coupled with self-myofascial release can provide an integrated healing approach to restore muscle balance, decompress the spine, and relieve headaches, neck tension, and back pain.


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