Register For Your Roper PT Classes on Our MindBody Calendar!

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Roper Physical Therapy is constantly working to make sure we offer classes and workshops that extend the benefits of our Myofascial Release Appointments, increase our patients wellness, and fit our class schedule into your busy schedules. This is why we offer our Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) classes, Pilates classes, we create monthly specialty classes, self-myofascial release workshops, and offer monthly foam roll workshops. We want to offer the best resources for you, our patients, on your healing journey! We will even come to your office or work site for speaking engagements and classes.

NOW, we are offering a better and faster way for you to register for these classes and workshops. On the Roper PT website, under “Classes & Calendar,” the first option on our drop-down menu is “Monthly Calendar.” This calendar is a calendar schedule of all the classes offered at our office. You can see specific classes and details for the week by clicking on any calendar date and register for each class by clicking on “Book.” Following this, the website will prompt you through an easy process of confirming details. Then you will be all signed up for any class you want to attend!

Roper PT offers multiple ways to register for your classes, including: online on the Mindbody app, email our office at, or call us at 980-298-6706. To access the Roper PT MindBody calendar on our website, click here. As always, thank you for choosing Roper PT!