TeleHealth Services

At Roper Physical Therapy, we offer telehealth services to be able to treat our patients from their own home. As with our traditional office visits, during our telehealth call we will cover detailed health and social history, set appropriate goals, and perform an examination and evaluation. We will introduce you to our treatment approach including education on the fascial system and the Pentagon of Wellness. During the examination, we will look for postural asymmetries, range of motion, and movement patterns with various functional tasks. Our physical therapists will guide you through appropriate treatments such as self-myofascial release, breathing techniques, core stabilization, and various exercises. We also integrate Medical Therapeutic Yoga into our treatment sessions, using biomechanically sound poses to help improve stability and regulate the nervous system.

Our clinic offers 1-hour initial evaluations and 30-minute follow-up treatments via telehealth calls. Whether in-person or through the computer, our goal is to find the best course of treatment for your lifestyle and are honored to be a part of your wellness journey.

TeleHealth Options

30-Minute TeleHealth Appointment

Continue with your plan of care and check-in with your therapist from your own home. Calls will last 30 minutes and your therapist will assess movement patterns, guide you through self-myofascial release, and various exercises in line with your treatment plan. $75

Initial Evaluation via TeleHealth

For patients new to our office, we are offering a 55-minute evaluation through a Zoom call where we discuss your health and social history in depth and introduce you to our Pentagon of Wellness approach to physical therapy. We will assess various movement patterns and range of motion as well as walk you through appropriate self-myofascial release techniques and exercises to initiate your plan of care. Follow-ups are 30 minutes after initial visit. $135 with Rachel, Lynne, Rachel, or Cay. $150 with Christine Roper.

Ergonomic Workspace Evaluation

With many of you working from home for the first time, we know the challenges of setting up an ergonomically-friendly workspace with minimal equipment. We will evaluate your current set-up and give recommendations for an optimal workspace equipment and environment to help combat aches and pains of postural stresses. 30-minutes, $75

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) Weekly Class

Continue with your regularly scheduled weekly class, attending live through a Zoom meeting in your own home. Log in and interact with your regular yoga teacher, receiving cues and guidance through video based on your individualized needs. 55-minute class, same pricing as our monthly packages and pre-purchased monthly packages for March will be applied as normal. Meeting code will be e-mailed to those signed up for class.

Find class schedules, pricing, and common faqs here.

Private 1-1 Yoga

If you are unable to attend your appointments in person, this is a great option to continue and work on the movement aspects of your treatment through a video conference. Focusing on breathing, core activation, and the mechanics of yoga poses, this private yoga session will work in conjunction with the theme of your physical therapy sessions. These private yoga sessions will take place over a Zoom call from your own home. 55 minutes, $120.

Classes on Vimeo

Roll and Stretch with Lynne Ray, Self-Myofascial Release workshop, Self-Myofascial Release for TMD. All at your request to accent your home routine!