One-on-one Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Roper Physical Therapy

with awareness there is choice!

Roper Physical Therapy is an independent private practice owned and operated by Christine Roper PT, MSPT. Our clinic, located in the Historic Dilworth area in Charlotte, NC, operates on a fee for service model. We offer hour long one-on-one appointments in a private, peaceful and nurturing setting.  

You are not a right shoulder/left hip/etc. to us.
You are a person experiencing this pain.
Let’s get you back to living your best life. 

Using myofascial release, we go beyond the physical layer to address wellness through the psycho-emotional-social, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual lenses, which is called the Pentagon of Wellness. Through investing in our patient’s overall health, our attention to detail, and by treating the whole person not the problem, our goal is to improve your overall quality of life.  

We believe in quality care over the quantity of care.
The extra time we give to our patients allows for
better overall outcomes, faster results,
and a more valued experience.

Our comprehensive, individualized treatment plans are designed to promote long-term health and healing by integrating traditional physical therapy with complimentary and integrative practices, including myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy and medical therapeutic yoga 

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Using Jane, our online scheduler, you can manage your appointments and register for classes or workshops.

Therapies and Conditions

We provide education and resources for proper body mechanics and movement, self- treatment options, improved flexibility, increased strength and postural awareness. 

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists have over 100 years of combined experience in orthopedic, neurological disorders, women's health, oncology and pediatric diagnoses .