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The squat, also referred to as malasana in sanskrit, is a crouching position that can take multiple lower body joints to their end ranges of motion. Seemingly simple, squats can be performed as either a static or a dynamic exercise, and requires no special equipment or props at all! Performing […]

4 Reasons to Work on a Deep Squat

Every “BODY” is different, because of this, during your Yoga practice, your body should not be forced to look like a Yoga pose, but the pose should be modified to match your unique body. For example, men have a more narrow pelvis than women thus the width of their stance […]

Did you know Men and Women’s hips are different? How ...

With the pandemic there has been an overall rise in tension and overall stress. Some folks have been working in a less-than-ideal home office setting, others are experiencing difficulties due to mask-wearing and many of us have fallen out of our exercise and self-care routines. All of these factors contribute […]

Is Your Jaw Sore?

Roper PT’s Self-Myofascial Release Workshop is BACK! This workshop was designed and implemented specifically to educate and empower patients to become active participants in their own healing and recovery process. Our patients will learn self-myofascial release techniques in order to continue the healing journey and extend the benefits of physical […]

Make the Most of Your Physical Therapy at Roper PT: ...

This March, Roper PT began offering TeleHealth services in order to help treat our patients from their own homes. This is a service that our practice has been working toward, but, with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we began offering this service earlier in order to meet the needs […]

What to expect and how to get the most out ...

At Roper Physical Therapy, we are focused on the importance of physical well-being for overall health, productivity, and happiness as part of the Pentagon of Wellness. The Pentagon of Wellness is a bio-psycho-social model that includes the intellectual, physical, psycho-social-emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Through our patient appointments, […]

Increase Your Overall Wellness!

The Self-Myofascial Release (self-MFR) workshop is a great way for patients to learn tools and techniques for treating themselves at home. This can extend the benefit of their manual work they receive in the clinic and will help them become more independent long-term. We start with the basics of self-MFR and the […]

Self-Myofascial Release Workshop is Every First and Third Fridays of ...

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At Roper Physical Therapy, we believe that with awareness, there is choice, especially when it comes to your health and overall wellness. This is why we offer group and private classes of Medical Therapeutic Yoga to complement our myofascial release appointments and to aid you in your wellness journey. In […]

One-on-One Medical Therapeutic Yoga at Roper PT!

At Roper Physical Therapy, we believe that with awareness, there is choice, especially when it comes to your health and overall wellness! Therefore, we offer several options in classes such as our Medical Therapeutic Yoga classes to complement our myofascial release appointments. Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) may sound foreign to […]

Learn How Medical Therapeutic Yoga Can Benefit You!

As peak season for golfing ramps back up this September, Roper PT wants to help our golfers stay ahead of the game! By focusing on body maintenance and injury prevention, our PTs can help ensure you are at your best. Whether you’ve had an injury in the past or not, Myofascial Release […]

Myofascial Release for Roper PT’s Golfers

We all have that one area (or more!) where we hold tension and stress. Maybe you’ve had a recent injury or you work at a desk all day. There can be many reasons you feel muscular pain; dry needling is one option for helping alleviate it. Although it is becoming […]

Dry Needling: How It Fits Into Your Treatment Plan

Athletes come in all ages, sizes, genders, and physical abilities. Our desire to stay physically active, competitive, and healthy as well as our love of sport and activities binds us together. Additionally, the need for some form of physical therapy during different points in our lives. As we work to […]

Myofascial Release Benefits Athletes of All Kinds!

Do you have a flexible spending account or an FSA? Did you know that you can use your FSA funds at Roper PT? FSAs are generally use it or lose it plans. This means that amounts in the FSA at the end of the plan year generally cannot be carried […]

Flexible Spending Accounts and Roper PT

When was the last time you had a headache? Overall, it is estimated that almost half the population has had at least one headache in the last year. This equals to about 50% to 67% of adults between the ages of 18 and 65 world-wide have had a headache in the […]

Do You Suffer From Headaches? Here’s How Roper PT Can ...

Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT opened her private practice in 2003 and has served over 25 years as a licensed physical therapist. In pursuit of combining traditional physical therapy with alternative modalities for the treatment of pain and dysfunction, she became an expert myofascial release practitioner completing her training under John […]

15 Years of Roper PT!

What is inflammation in the body and what causes it? Naturally, inflammation is part of the body’s healing process. It occurs when one suffers from an injury, infection, or due to certain foods like sugar. All of this is normal. However, when a person eats too many inflammatory foods, they […]

Looking at How Sugar Affects Your Health

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Roper Physical Therapy wanted to highlight a study that examined the benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients. Yoga is known for helping people of all ages with increasing flexibility, stability, and strength. Additionally, a regular yoga routine can enhance mental focus, deepen […]

Breast Cancer and Yoga, Benefits During Radiotherapy

legs up the wall
            Source: ​5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up a Wall Every Day | Runner’s World 1. FOR SOMETHING SO SIMPLE, THE BENEFITS ARE ENORMOUS. The official name for legs-up-a-wall is viparita karani, which literally means “inverted in action” in Sanskrit. The pose helps […]

​5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up a ...

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Smarty Moms: Lynne Ray and Christine Roper February 8, 2014, by Elizabeth Childress Today, I am thrilled to feature two Smarty Moms, Lynne Ray and Christine Roper.  These two women are smart, fun, and inspiring.  They have found a way to do it all, and I believe it is because […]

Smarty Moms: Lynne Ray and Christine Roper

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Do You Feel Stuck? By Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT Chronic pain can be so debilitating – but, does it have to be? For over 20 years as a Physical Therapist and Myofascial Release Practitioner, I have been treating patients with chronic pain who have suffered far too long because of […]

Do you Feel Stuck?