Bringing corporate wellness into your team

Bring Roper to your office, group, or team! From yoga classes to wellness discussions, we can tailor a program to bring health and wellness to you.

We offer personalized, safe and sound therapeutic yoga classes to groups, corporations or clubs. We are a team of licensed physical therapists with over 1,500 hours of professional yoga therapy training. Our classes are appropriate for all levels, beginners to advanced, young to aged, sedentary to athletic. Our corporate classes can be taught to your organization through a group zoom call during this time- a fun way to bring your group together while many are working from home!

We also offer specialty lectures that can be tailored to your needs such as: ergonomic workshops, foam roll workshops, and of course self-myofascial release workshops, all to help you and your club, staff or organization live healthier, more productive lives.

You can find a listing of our workshops here: Corporate Flier

Workshop prices range from $150-$450 depending on size

For more information or to book a session, contact Rachel Gorman at [email protected]

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

MTY utilizes a holistic, bio-psychosocial model of care. It combines the expertise of a physical therapist with the traditional components of yoga, making it safe for all ages, including employees with medical diagnoses. Many studios offer yoga therapy classes. However, that does not mean that the instructor has a medical background.

For instance, did you know that our PTs went through more than 1500 hours of training for MTY? Book a session today to begin focusing on breath work and yoga
postures, providing a safe platform to build upon for you and your employees.

We offer sessions at our peaceful studio that accommodate up to 10 participants, or
we can come to your location where we can include rental of equipment if needed.


Self Myofascial Release

The Self-Myofascial Release workshop is a class designed to teach techniques for releasing areas of tension around the body using a variety of tools including a foam roller, ball, Theracane, Occipivot, as well as our hands. We start with the basics of self-MFR and the importance of breathing and decreasing our flight-or-fight response.

We also discuss the interdependence of the fascia across multiple regions and why treating in one area can help alleviate symptoms in another area. This workshop can help your group decrease aches and pains related to stress, posture, and/or physical requirements of a job, while also promoting prevention of injury. 


Office Ergonomics

We discuss the mechanical and physiological changes that occur with prolonged sitting.

With increased time sitting at desks, in cars, and looking at laptops and phones, terms like “tech neck” and “sedentary athletes” are buzzing. We look into how our postures have evolved with technology and what we can do to combat the negative effects of sitting. We introduce a few desk yoga “routines” to help add movement into the workday.


Meditation and Mindfulness

In the hustle and bustle of open offices and connection to the electronic world, do you find yourself or your employees often in a mode of procrastination or using valuable time being distracted? Do you want to try meditation but aren’t sure how to begin or really what the value is? Are you interested in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation? Here is a beginner course to help you and your company seek a resting state so that they can begin to be more efficient and productive with their time on and off the clock.



Gratitude Workshop

The Attitude of Gratitude is often spoken of in the home setting. But what would your company look like if you practiced Gratitude in the workplace? How does this affect your team’s environment at work, your product and your customer service? Learn why Gratitude is important and key strategies to implement in your office and with your customers right away.


Healthy Habits

The medical world defines health as the absence of disease. Is that how you want to define your health? What is the physiological effect of our habits on our health? How do you help you and your employees establish a guideline or a pathway to a better version of themselves? This workshop will introduce the concept of the Pentagon of Wellness and its relationship to unraveling stress and its effects on the body. We provide immediate lifestyle changes to incorporate wellness the next day at work to benefit you, your employee and your team’s perspective overall.