Corporate Wellness

Bring Roper to your office, group, or team! From yoga classes to wellness discussions, we can tailor a program to bring health and wellness to you.

We offer personalized, safe and sound therapeutic yoga classes to groups, corporations or clubs. We are a team of licensed physical therapists with over 1,500 hours of professional yoga therapy training. Our classes are appropriate for all levels, beginners to advanced, young to aged, sedentary to athletic. Our corporate classes can be taught to your organization through a group zoom call during this time- a fun way to bring your group together while many are working from home!

We also offer specialty lectures that can be tailored to your needs such as: ergonomic workshops, foam roll workshops, and of course self-myofascial release workshops, all to help you and your club, staff or organization live healthier, more productive lives.

For more information, please contact Rachel Gorman,