Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT

Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT
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Christine Roper, MSPT, PYT, the owner and founder of Roper Physical Therapy, opened her private practice in 2003 and has served over 25 years as a licensed physical therapist. In pursuit of combining traditional physical therapy with alternative modalities for the treatment of pain and dysfunction, she became an Expert Level JFB-MFR Therapist with ongoing training under John Barnes, PT, LMT, NCTMB beginning in 1999. She is also a graduate of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute for healthcare professionals studying medical therapeutic yoga under Ginger Garner DPT, ATC, PYT. In 2012, she joined forces with friend and colleague, Lynne Ray, PT, PYT implementing a successful medical therapeutic yoga (MTY) program in her clinic and for several mid-sized companies throughout Charlotte, NC. In 2019, Christine was named NAWBO Charlotte’s Woman Business Owner of the year!

Prior to opening her own practice, Christine worked as a physical therapist for the Carolinas Healthcare Center for ten years providing valuable experience in both outpatient rehabilitation and orthopedics, and managed the outpatient department for a portion of these years.

Christine has been a guest speaker covering topics surrounding medical therapeutic yoga and myofascial release for the physical therapy departments of the University of Miami, Miami, FL, Wingate University and Central Piedmont Community College located in Charlotte, NC.
She was also a featured speaker at the 2016 NCPTA Fall Conference and 2018 Wellness Symposium for Clifton, Larsons, Allen, Charlotte NC. She led Conversations of Healthy Attitudes and Habits for Elevate of Charlotte, NC, and LEAD symposium for Bank of America in 2019. Gratitude Workshops for NAWBO, Charlotte, HerOneTribe and Mindfulness for Arthur Elliott.

In addition to her speaking engagements, she has enjoyed being an educator and facilitator to local community partners including the Arthritis Services of North Carolina, the Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg County (Team ATOM) and the Hornet’s Nest Girl Scouts. Christine is also on the board of Brave Step, an organization that works to strengthen adults impacted by sexual abuse by providing meaningful steps on their healing journey. 

Christine is happily married with three children. After playing Division II basketball in college, Christine has continued her love of the sport by coaching a girls Interfaith Basketball League for many years is actively involved with Gold Award Committee for the Girls Scouts. She enjoys reading, meditation, yoga, sports of all kind and spending time with her family.


Be sure to contact Christine if you have any questions at [email protected]!


“Christine, you don’t just repair muscles but mend my emotions and provide a healing balm to my heart” -Leslie G.

“Christine is an amazing physical therapist and helped me feel like me again, something other health pros were not able to do after a severe injury. Her combination of myofascial release therapy, physical therapy, exercises, etc. were critical in improving my strength, mobility and flexibility. I’m grateful to have worked with her and learned so much.” -Valerie C.

” I have been seeing Christine Roper for 7yrs. As a trainer, I refer all my clients to Roper Therapy. And as a breast cancer survivor, I can tell you RT has the best, Peggy. Best of the best!” -Mary Bryan P.

 “I’m an active 39 year old who has experienced sporadic lower back pain for most of my life. After suffering from my worst bout to date and seeing an orthopedist, I finally decided to see a physical therapist. My wife had been seeing Christine for a frozen shoulder and encouraged me to see her for my back. I was a little hesitant and skeptical in the beginning, but after my first appointment I was sold. Christine is a wonderful physical therapist. I was immediately at ease after meeting her and I could feel improvement in my lower back after the first visit. Not only did she therapeutically treat the ailment, but she did a complete diagnosis including determining cause and then set into motion a road to recovery providing out of office exercises and suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s been almost nine months since my first visit and I’ve not had another lower back flair up. I’ve even lost thirty pounds through exercise and diet due to her suggestions and encouragement. I keep saying to myself what Christine told me on the first day, “every pound lost is worth five pounds to your back”. I have two young sons and I can now go stride for stride with them without any need for a break or limitation from lower back pain. She has truly been a life changer! If you are in need of a physical therapist, there is no one better than Christine Roper.” – 

“Our son had always had low muscle tone in his legs and a unique running gait.  We had been to several specialists who had reassured us there was no medical issue however they were unable to help correct the issue.  Finally, our pediatrician recommended we see Christine. Christine was able to assess our son, work with him monthly and teach us key daily exercises and techniques.  Our son looked forward to going to PT and liked seeing Christine.  He went from a wobbly, hunched over, side to side gait to one that resembles a normal child.  His leg strength became normalized on both sides and he is able to participate like any other boy in team sports.  Christine was able to help when we had gone through literally years of other specialists who could not.” – Bill, Sales Representative, Cardiac Rhythm Management Division, NASPExAM Pacing/ICD 

“I highly recommend Christine Roper and her staff at Roper PT.  Christine takes an advanced and individualized approach with her patients and has a caring and concerned nature. They help their clients achieve excellent results!” -Nelsa Ciapponi, MD