Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Our Mission:

Our Mission at Roper PT is to provide non-dogmatic, holistic, evidence-based yoga to a varied population of all ages, from healthy to injured. It is yoga for Every. Body.

Our Method:

Group classes and private instruction are taught by licensed physical therapists with over 1500 hours in Medical Therapeutic Yoga training. Our classes are held in our intimate and beautiful on-site studio, where education is abundant and hands on treatment and adjustments are frequent.

Our perspective is unique and biomechanically sound, and small class sizes allow for individualized attention. Our yoga is student-centered; the teaching is designed around the specific challenges and strengths that the client brings to the mat. You will not only be instructed and supported but evaluated in each pose. We incorporate the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspects of wellness in our classes and encourage it in everyday living.

Yoga Class Schedule, Virtual and In-Person:

Monday Foundations Yoga 8:30am

Tuesday Core Yoga 12pm 

Wednesday Foundations Yoga 12pm

Thursday Core Yoga 9:30am

Class offerings- we offer two levels of practice to accommodate Every. Body.

Foundations Yoga- Our foundations class will help you increase flexibility, strength, and stamina. We will introduce students to the fundamentals of yoga with a goal to help restore breath, functional movement patterns, body awareness and assist with posture and alignment.

Core Yoga- Core yoga targets beginner to advanced asanas with focus on breathing patterns and building upon the fundamentals set in our foundations class. Our focus is on our core- the core of our being, body, and spirituality.

Class Fees:

Yoga as Medicine works best with commitment. Classes are purchased in advance as a monthly series.

  • 1-class pass (same class each week for the month): $80
  • All-access month pass (for calendar month): $150
  • Drop in: $35

Private Yoga/Semi Private Yoga:

In our private yoga sessions, one of our Medical Therapeutic Yoga trained physical therapists will tailor a plan to your specific needs that provides instruction and education on best movement patterns based on your medical history. The private sessions allow for more individualized yoga prescription, finding the modifications you need and learning the core concepts of yoga practice, which will set you up for joining or re-entering a group classes.

Schedule a private yoga class with one of our Professional Yoga Therapists: Cay, Rachel, or Christine!

Private yoga: $150/per class. Schedule here or contact the front desk ~ 980.298.6706 or Email Us


  • What to Bring: A standard yoga mat and a bottle of water. All external props are provided (blocks, straps, blankets).
  • What to Wear: Athletic wear that is semi-form fitting works best when practicing yoga.
  • Register for classes by the first of every month. Use our Jane Scheduler to sign up for the classes you wish to attend that month.


  • What is Therapeutic Yoga?
    – Medical Therapeutic Yoga utilizes a holistic, biopsychosocial model of care, prescribing yoga in a safe and effective manner. It combines the expertise of a physical therapist with the traditional components of yoga, making it safe for all ages and medical diagnoses.
  • What makes Yoga at Roper PT different from a class at your local gym?
    – Our yoga classes are taught by our physical therapists, who takes into account your specific condition and can adjust and adapt your program to meet your needs. We begin by focusing on breath work and yoga pre-postures, providing a safe platform to build upon.
  • What is the difference in the class style for yoga with a PT rather than a regular yoga instructor?
    – As physical therapists, we are focused on the best biomechanics to keep your body safe and healthy. We lay the foundation for utilizing the core with your breathing practice to ensure stability throughout your practice. Our therapists have completed 1500 hours in Medical Therapeutic Yoga training.
  • What if I am new to yoga or have flexibility or injury issues, and I worry about keeping up?
    – Therapeutic Yoga classes are beneficial for a wide range of medical diagnoses, all ages, and all experience levels. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

An Introduction to to Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) by Ginger Garner

Ginger Garner DPT, ATC, PYT