Myofascial Release Benefits Athletes of All Kinds!

Lynne Ray PT, PYT, CSCS, qualified for the Boston Marathon this March!

Athletes come in all ages, sizes, genders, and physical abilities. Our desire to stay physically active, competitive, and healthy as well as our love of sport and activities binds us together. Additionally, the need for some form of physical therapy during different points in our lives. As we work to keep our desired level of activity, we have to take care of our bodies! At Roper PT, we recommend our Myofascial Release Approach for all our patients as well as athletes of all kinds to maintain range of motion, muscle efficiency, and healthy, active lives.

Roper Physical Therapy’s Myofascial Release Approach is an intensive, hands-on technique for the whole body performed by licensed physical therapists, who have been highly trained by John F. Barnes, PT, the developer of the Myofascial Release Approach. Fascia is a three dimensional connective tissue web that surrounds EVERY structure of the body, including: bone, muscle, nerve, blood, vessel, and organs all the way down to the cellular level. When an individual experiences physical trauma, inflammatory processes or scarring, the fascia can become restricted and begin to pull throughout the body causing pain, altered posture, excessive joint compression, decreased range of motion, decreased muscle efficiency, and many symptoms all of us struggle with daily.

Our patients come to Roper PT with injuries and pains of all kinds as well as the goal of maintaining certain levels of activity. This can range from heavy running and competitive sports to walking pain-free. Roper PT meets you where you are and works to get you to where you want to be! Below, two of our patients explain why they came to Roper PT and how our Myofascial Release Approach has helped them maintain their athletic goals.


As I’ve put more cumulative miles on my body, I’d been noticing a few more consistent twinges, nagging stiffness, and a general just-not-right feeling while running. I had heard about myofascial release many times from massage therapists, alternative medicine physicians and had done a little research on the subject myself. It made sense: if my muscles and joints are encapsulated in myofascial tissue, and that tissue is tight, my movement would be restricted.  I’m always up for trying anything that would help me continue training and stay healthy, so I researched therapists in Charlotte and landed on Roper PT. I had my first treatment with Lynne Ray, PT, PYT, CSCS and can honestly say that I felt improvement afterward. My legs felt a little looser and my range of motion improved. After a few sessions, the improvement in mobility and muscle recovery was noticeable. I continue to see Lynn as I definitely feel that it has helped keep me injury free for this training cycle.
Lisa Landrum of runCLTrun



As an active individual who derives peace of mind from physical effort, maintaining my health and ability to participate is critically important to me.  As I am advancing in age, but not in mindset, physical “resets” and addressing the occasional injuries associated with my lifestyle has become a part of my routine. No longer can I rely on stubbornness and Advil. When introduced to the concept of myofacial release and aprogram of self-care that the physical therapy provided by the skilled team at Roper, my performance, recovery and physical/mental balance is restored, rejuvenated and truly “reset.” The MFR has been a key component to my well-being and has contributed to my overcoming multiple activity related injuries – including shoulder and knee pain, running-related ailments, neck tension, and more.
Martin A. Godwin of Iron Tribe Dilworth