healthy and healing chaturanga

One-on-One Medical Therapeutic Yoga at Roper PT!

healthy and healing chaturanga

At Roper Physical Therapy, we believe that with awareness, there is choice, especially when it comes to your health and overall wellness. This is why we offer group and private classes of Medical Therapeutic Yoga to complement our myofascial release appointments and to aid you in your wellness journey.

In a previous blog post, we discussed what Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) is with Rachel Gorman, PT, DPT, OCS, PYT-c and what sets it apart from yoga classes you will find throughout Charlotte. In this post, we sat down with Cay Moore, PT, PYTC, who offers private MTY yoga classes at Roper PT and why these may be a great option for you.

Interviewer: What can you expect from a private yoga class with you?

Cay: Clients can expect an hour long 1:1 private session with an experienced PT/yoga therapist. I will take a complete medical history, discuss any current problems/issues the client is having, and discuss goals for the yoga session. It’s so great to have the time to tailor the hour to their needs at that moment and hopefully moving forward.

Interviewer: Let’s say that I have been doing yoga for years. Why would I need a one-on-one class?

Cay: Our bodies and needs change over time and the type of yoga you practiced years ago may not serve you well anymore. Or you just need to know what other options are available. We will assess the client in numerous different poses and make recommendations and/or modifications in each pose to get the most out of every practice. The client will find that they will progress faster and SAFER in their practice moving forward.

Interviewer: What if I just suffered an injury and I am scared to try yoga, one-on-one or otherwise? Why should I try a private yoga class?

Cay: If you are recovering from and illness or injury, then that is the perfect time to try a one-on-one private session. We will assess your current needs and make recommendations moving forward. Some poses may need to be modified so you don’t injure yourself further. But everyone can do yoga at any time! It just may look different than before.

Some clients are new to yoga and intimidated to jump right into a group class. Private sessions help you gain confidence in your abilities and the necessary modifications for your body before you enter a group setting.

Interviewer: What can you gain from a private yoga session that you would not get from a group class?

Cay: Definitely one-on-one attention, assessment, and recommendations for your yoga practice. Our classes at Roper PT are small, but the instructor still cannot watch everyone in every pose all the time. Everyone has different needs. Private sessions are invaluable if you are just beginning yoga, have just had an injury or illness, or are ready to take your practice safely to the next level and move forward. Some clients just need one session while others schedule several. It all depends on the client and what their goals are!

Want to try a private yoga session with one of Roper Physical Therapy’s PTs? Then be sure to Call us @ (980) 298-6706 or Email us @ [email protected] to sign up for a time! Or join us for one of our group yoga classes with MTY yoga offered on Tuesdays at 12 pm, and Thursdays at 9:30 am as well as Yoga Basics: Intro to Yoga with Cay on Wednesdays at 12 pm and Sports Yoga with Rachel Gorman Fridays at 7 am