Self-Myofascial Release Workshop is Every First and Third Fridays of the month at Roper PT!

The Self-Myofascial Release (self-MFR) workshop is a great way for patients to learn tools and techniques for treating themselves at home. This can extend the benefit of their manual work they receive in the clinic and will help them become more independent long-term. We start with the basics of self-MFR and the importance of breathing and decreasing our flight-or-fight response. Then we explore the use of 5 tools plus our hands to promote myofascial release and tips to find which areas need it the most. We also discuss the interdependence of the fascia across multiple regions, and why treating in one area can help alleviate symptoms in another area. The class is a great way to improve body awareness and education on the fascial system, and patients leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

This class was intended to take once to compliment your MFR treatment with your therapist or it can be repeated if you desire! Roper PT offers Self-Myofascial Release Workshop every First and Third Fridays of every month from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.